Café Review: Snakes and Lagers

The place we played: Snakes and Lagers, Toronto, Ontario

Played in: February 2014

Our thoughts: So, we should start this review with the fact that we visited Snakes and Lagers quite soon after it first opened. Things have more than likely changed quite a bit since then, and a return visit is on our list. We’ve heard through the grapevine they’ve made lots of changes and can’t wait to check them out. That said, we can only review what we experienced, so here goes!

logo-black-bgWe had very high hopes for Snakes and Lagers, being the recent offspring of Canada’s first boardgame café, Snakes and Lattes, but with beer! Beer! Delicious draft beer. Goes a long way to selling us on a place, I’ll tell you that. Combine a pint with a delicious plate of charcuterie, and you’ve got a winner in my books.

Unfortunately, Snakes and Lagers didn’t have too many other things going for it in terms of a game café once we got past the food and drink. The game guru was helpful in offering some game suggestions, but we found the collection to be lacking. We struggled to find even two games that we were interested in playing.

The guru filled us in that they had purposefully loaded their library with multiple copies of simple games that are good for two players and easy to learn – but that’s not really what we were looking for. If we could have packed up our beer and charcuterie, hopped in a cab, and enjoyed it at Snakes and Lattes with THEIR collection, this would have been a bang-up night.

PWP Ranking:
Space:  C+
Collection: D
Food: B
Drink: B+
Staff: C+
Look and Feel: C+
Overall Score C+

Other stuff we like:
Retail? Nope.
Flat fee? Yep!
Events? Nope.

Great for: Want to go to a bar and also play a game even your drunk friend can learn? Snakes and Lagers is for you!

What we played: Eight Minute Empire, The Duke

Ellie Frederickson is an experienced player of many board games and has cred as a purveyor of games from a time working in a game store. She has an inclination towards Euro-style games, but isn’t especially picky. Reading rules is a particular skill of hers (and a source of enjoyment, oddly enough) and she usually gets a game right the first time she plays it. She has a keen eye for good designs; in art, cafés and games; and an aversion to sub-standard food and drink

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