Café Revisit: Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room

Where we played: Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room, Vancouver, BC

When we played: January 2015

We recently had the pleasure of spending a few winter days in balmy Vancouver, so we spent some time in chillin’ out in our favourite board game pizzeria-café; Ludica!

We first visited and reviewed Ludica last summer so this is just a quick update on how it’s doing. You can see our original review here.

IMG_3062Ludica is still the charming and enjoyable place we remember. Although it is more pizzeria/restaurant than it is café, it takes its board game reputation seriously; and has clever trappings to prove it.

So what’s new?

The board game selection seemed to be larger and a bit more diverse. We found some really great games to play (see below). Also, it’s all catalogued online, which you can easily access from handy QR codes posted on the shelves.

The pizza is very good! In fact, even better than we remembered. We also enjoyed the chef’s platter and olives, and the beers on tap were all excellent (especially the Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter!).IMG_3071

The staff were still great; friendly and prompt. There were no helpers/gurus while we were there, but the servers were familiar enough to help most tables find a great game to enjoy.

Ludica has quite a small table area (they didn’t have their awesome sidewalk patio open, of course), and there is often a wait to get a table. It can also feel a bit crowded even before they’re at capacity, but overall, they do use the space quite well. In fact, they even hosted a reservation of 25 people while we were IMG_3070there! They also take reservations.

There is an (unfortunate, but somewhat understandable) 2-hour courtesy time-limit for tables. They don’t enforce this if there is no waiting list, but we did get ‘hurried-along’ once. A side-effect of this limit is that don’t include many ‘large’ games in their collection. (We do realize, however, that this is something almost no one but game café connoisseurs might notice, so it is not much of a criticism.)

There’s lots to see and do in Van-City, but spending some time in Ludica is still at the top of our list. Between their food, the location, the games, the beer, and the look n’ feel, your time will be very well spent!

What we played: Tokaido, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, Lord of the Rings (2000, Knizia), Forbidden Desert, Elder Sign (Yes, we visited several times.)



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