2014 Year in Review

Who wants to read a year in review post in January, when everyone and their sister is talking about what they did in the previous 12 months? Well, probably most people. Still, we hope you’ll enjoy this look back at 2014 now that we are comfortably about halfway through 2015. PWP is nothing if not timely. Check out what and where we played and posted during our first year of reviewing board game cafes!


Ellie Frederickson is an experienced player of many board games and has cred as a purveyor of games from a time working in a game store. She has an inclination towards Euro-style games, but isn’t especially picky. Reading rules is a particular skill of hers (and a source of enjoyment, oddly enough) and she usually gets a game right the first time she plays it. She has a keen eye for good designs; in art, cafés and games; and an aversion to sub-standard food and drink

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