Café Review: Unplugged Games Café

Where we played: Unplugged Games Cafe, Fredericton, NB

When we played: June 2015

On a warm rainy June evening, Places We Play made the trek to the City of Fredericton NB to visit Unplugged Game Café! We are always excited to visit yet another game café (this was IMG_3649our 16th!), we were especially impressed to find Unplugged located next door to Picaroons, one of the Maritimes great craft breweries; a good sign indeed.

The café is a storefront on a beautiful street (Queen St) with a spacious interior and attractive game-themed wall art. They had interesting customized tables with back lighting, a good selection of games and an excellent offering of draught beer (including Picaroons) and a surprising variety of mead thanks to Pollen Angels local selection (who knew there were so many kinds?). We were also very impressed what a good job UnpluggedIMG_3658 could do for grilled cheese sandwiches; they certainly lived up to their title as ‘gourmet’ (James is still talking about the pizza grilled cheese and has been trying to imitate at home).

The staff were helpful, though as the night worn on, we had to work a little harder to get their attention. We did not notice any gurus on staff during our visit (it was a Tuesday).
IMG_3657We noticed that the patrons of Unplugged were noticeably younger than those we saw in many other cafés we’ve visited, possibly reflecting the local population . It was a great thing to see; a place being used by lots of young people, playing some great games and enjoying a great café. Can’t wait to go back.


PWP Ranking:
Space: A-
Collection: B
Food: B
Drink: A
Staff: C+
Look and Feel: B+

Overall Score:  B+

Great for: A fun night with a board game and plenty of local brews!

What we played: Tobago, Pathfinder Card Game: Rise of the Rune Lords


is an avid table top gamer with an affinity for dice-rolling Ameritrash style games. However, he is very easy to talk into pretty much any style of game (just don’t mention Jenga). He is especially fond of games that center around a theme of science, superheroes or evil professors – which pretty much sums up his interests outside of games. You’ll probably see him wandering game cafes judging your choices, or seeking out the newest local stout on tap. Always an extrovert, feel free to stop him to talk about the game you’re playing or what you think of the café and you may find yourself featured in a post.

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