7 Games to Play Today

Part 2 of our totally formal, definitely scientific review of the games we played in cafes is here! Today, we’ve picked 7 games we tried in 2015 that we would drop everything and play today, given half the chance.Play

Ghost Stories: We first learned this game at Across the Board in Winnipeg and were immediately hooked, despite the fact that even allowing ourselves three opportunities to cheat did not result in a victory. All further attempts resulted in disaster. Must. Beat. Game.

Arboretum: Someone described this game as a friendship-ending walk in the woods. Apparently we dig that. This game’s strategy is INTENSE.

Formula D: A recent re-release with lots of gaming possibilities. We’ve tried the simple version but are eyeing a gear upgrade pronto.

A La Carte: Cooking in real life: Lame. Cooking in a board game? Awesome.

Memoir 44: Somehow we’d never tried this Days of Wonder 2-player classic. One round was not nearly enough – and there are so many more scenarios to try.

Stone Age: A fun worker placement we tested out at Monopolatte. A second play would help to develop the strategy.

Specter Ops: A repeat trip to the Loft let us test out this hot new release. We need a second round with the interesting mechanics of this one.

Ellie Frederickson is an experienced player of many board games and has cred as a purveyor of games from a time working in a game store. She has an inclination towards Euro-style games, but isn’t especially picky. Reading rules is a particular skill of hers (and a source of enjoyment, oddly enough) and she usually gets a game right the first time she plays it. She has a keen eye for good designs; in art, cafés and games; and an aversion to sub-standard food and drink

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