Goodbye to Monopolatte


Monopolatte has been successfully open for 3 fun filled years but unfortunately on September 30th Monopolatte has shut its doors for good. Owner David Narbaitz explained that due to increased competition in Ottawa and the desire to pay its employees a fair living wage, it was time to move on.

Similar to ‘Games for all’ as they closed shop they held a sale of board games to the public and they had quite the turnout. They were expecting to sell their games over 3 days, but quickly realized they needed only the one, and even that was short lived.

As mentioned before, it’s up to us to help our local game cafes succeed. Please take the time to connect with your family and friends over tangible games and great food.

We regret the loss of Monopolatte and wish the best for the owners and employees.

Games Purchased: Merchants, Le Havre – The Inland Port and The Logo Boardgame.


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